Here is the list of all our productions/projects we have either done ourselves or taken part in.

  1. "The Split", TBD. Synopsis: 2 Teens fall in love, and realize that the relationship can't last because of life circumstances, but by the time they realize the severity of the situation, its too late and they must move away. After moving away, the film continues to show the struggle both teens endure, while also giving flashbacks to their time together. Link:
  2. "NEON", TBD. Synopsis: In this action feature, the two main characters Linda, a free-runner and activist, and her best friend Brett, a cyber terrorist, work together to bring the country back into working order, and unite a broken society after an apocalyptic war happens. Link:
  3. "Tokyo Witch", NOV 8th, 2023. Synopsis: Model Mikayla Chitu, is seen walking through nature, seeing the fall look, and enjoying the outdoors. Link:
  4. "Can You Hear the Music", TBD. Synopsis: A young woman, who is romantically lonely, decides to escape from her depression through a psychedelic pill, that places her on a journey with another young man allowing her a brief respite from her crippling depression. 

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