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10/30/23 Monza Film Festival Honorable Mention Award

Hello everyone! It's Christopher Cook. I am happy to announce that our short film "Aura" released on January 1rst of this year, received an honorable mention award. Even though it isn't something huge, like best cinematography or best editing, it helps kick start our brand and allow others to see what we can do. Here is the statement we made on our submission: 

This film took months to make, and several locations. We overcame multiple challenges, such as windy days causing the drone footage to not look well, and planning to go to Bernheim forest for the woods scenes. this was done with 100 percent natural lighting, I was using a kit 12-60mm lens, and the nighttime scenes could have been better but I didn't have a good nighttime lens. regardless we overcame so many hurdles and made a solid release. it was completely edited in vegas pro with the 3d object being made in blender. The idea came to me after watching the movie arrival and feeling like the lore could have been better shown. The coolest part about this project is the custom soundtrack. the second half of this short film was scored by vaporware music artist "Voyage" who we contacted about the idea, and he was happy to score it for us and create the score from a song of his called "Aura", we asked him to take a specific portion, and extend it, and crank the bass up to help give the impression of building intensity. From the color grade, to the editing, every piece of this was done intentionally. Shot completely on the Lumix g85.

You can find the link to our submission here: Make sure to check out our project and share it! Soon we will be able to release our documentary "Louisville Extreme Park". Till next time!

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